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GTA: The Trilogy — the Definitive Edition Gets First Post-Launch Update


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition is getting an update which will bring many bug fixes and improvements. The remastered bundle includes Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Developer Rockstar Games has issued an apology to players regarding the issues they may have encountered while playing any of the three games. The classic version of the three GTA games will soon be arriving on PC through a special bundle which will be made re-available on the Rockstar Store. The classic editions were removed after the launch of the remastered bundle.

Apologising through a blog post, Rockstar mentioned that Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition will soon be receiving a series of updates that will bring bug fixes and improvements. Rockstar Games also mentioned that they are aware that these three games — Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — did not meet the expectations of the players and they are working on fixing the issues.

Here’s what Rockstar said:

We want to sincerely apologize to everyone who has encountered issues playing these games.

The Grand Theft Auto series — and the games that make up this iconic trilogy — are as special to us as we know they are to fans around the world. The updated versions of these classic games did not launch in a state that meets our own standards of quality, or the standards our fans have come to expect.

We have ongoing plans to address the technical issues and to improve each game going forward. With each planned update, the games will reach the level of quality that they deserve to be.

Rockstar mentioned it will be adding the classic PC versions of three games back to the Rockstar Store shortly as a special bundle. It also said, “everyone who has purchased Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition for PC from the Rockstar Store through June 30, 2022, will receive these classic versions in their Rockstar Games Launcher library at no additional cost.” Players will be intimated when the games become available.

Furthermore, Rockstar also announced a whole bunch of bug fixes and improvements for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S/ Series X, and Xbox One. Here’s what the patch notes read:

General – All Platforms

•    Fixed multiple localization issues
•    Fixed multiple instances of missing or misaligned collision
•    Fixed multiple instances of holes in the map
•    Fixed multiple instances of incorrect or misplaced textures
•    Fixed multiple instances of the camera clipping through objects
•    Fixed multiple instances of incorrect subtitles being displayed
•    Fixed multiple instances of incorrect help text being displayed
•    Fixed multiple instances of misplaced objects
•    Fixed multiple instances of issues with character models in cutscenes
•    Fixed multiple instances of audio lines being skipped, delayed, or repeated

Grand Theft Auto III – The Definitive Edition

•    Fixed issues with blurry camera cuts and transitions during Grand Theft Aero cutscene
•    Fixed an issue where Pay ‘N’ Spray doors were closed preventing the player from being able to enter
•    Fixed an issue where game stalls and props pop into the Gone Fishing cutscene
•    Fixed an issue where the player would fail the mission The Thieves with a message “A thief’s dead” after the cutscene plays
•    Fixed an issue with failing the mission Last Requests due to Asuka falling out of the boat
•    Fixed an issue with a missing GPS route when driving Curly Bob in a Taxi during the mission Cutting The Grass
•    Fixed an issue where the damage meter is not displaying correctly in the mission Escort Service
•    Fixed an issue with a hole in the map that allowed players to access Staunton Island early
•    Fixed an issue with Claude floating in the cutscene for the mission Big ‘n’ Veiny
•    Fixed an issue where character models were not animating during the cutscene for the mission Luigi’s Girls
•    Fixed an issue where character models were not animation during the cutscene for the mission Give me Liberty
•    Fixed an issue where the player can boost their running speed by quickly swapping through weapons
•    Fixed an issue where the game would crash when entering a vehicle after completing Triad War (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)
•    Fixed an issue where the achievement “Disposing of the Evidence” does not unlock after completing the Dead Skunk in the Trunk Mission (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition

•    Fixed an issue where players were unable to rotate the camera up or down while driving at high speeds
•    Fixed an issue with Firetruck lights flashing inconsistent colors
•    Fixed an issue with GPS route display during the mission Autocide
•    Fixed an issue where Pay ‘N’ Spray doors were closed preventing the player from being able to enter
•    Fixed an issue with multiple GPS routes appearing during the missions Gun Runner and Psycho Killer
•    Fixed an issue with the Hit Rate UI not displaying correctly during the mission Gun Runner
•    Fixed an issue with peds incorrectly appearing in the cutscene for the mission The Chase
•    Fixed an issue with Tommy Vercetti’s character model going into a T-Pose during the cutscene for In the Beginning
•    Fixed an issue with changes to language settings not being retained after a reboot (Nintendo Switch)
•    Fixed an issue where the game would crash when switching from TV mode to table mode during the loading screen
•    Fixed an issue where the prompt “Error: Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture! Make sure your video card has the minimum required memory, try lowering the resolution” appears while exploring the North Point Mall (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)
•    Fixed an issue with the camera popping during the cutscene for the mission All Hands on Deck (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Definitive Edtion

•    Fixed an issue with rain visual effects
•    Fixed an issue with the camera spinning around quickly when finishing or failing Blood Bowl
•    Fixed an issue where the camera is incorrectly positioned when returning to gameplay after finding Sweet in the mission Reuniting the Families
•    Fixed an issue where a bridge in Flint County is invisible
•    Fixed an issue where players can equip weapons while swimming which can cause issues with the weapons clipping through the character’s body
•    Fixed an issue where incorrect help text was displayed for swimming
•    Fixed an issue where the results screen was appearing at the start of Bike School – Jump and Stoppie
•    Fixed an issue with grey pedestrians appearing around the Willowfield and Playa del Seville area
•    Fixed an issue with a pedestrian looking partially translucent in the Just Business cutscene
•    Fixed an issue with the legal text not being displayed correctly
•    Fixed an issue with Enforcer lights not flashing
•    Fixed an issue with players not being able to kill Paul and Maccer before triggering the cutscene for the mission Don Peyote
•    Fixed an issue where the mid-mission cutscene would start then fade to black before restarting again during the mission Sayonara Salvatore
•    Fixed an issue where the game would restart from the beginning when selecting to retry from the last checkpoint on the Mission High Stakes, Low Rider
•    Fixed an issue with an invincible enemy during the mission Los Desperados
•    Fixed an issue with incorrect inverted controls when swimming underwater when setting them to either on or off
•    Fixed an issue with the aiming sensitivity for the Pistol Ammu-Nation Challenge
•    Fixed an issue where progress is blocked due to Sweet being killed prematurely during the mission The Green Sabre
•    Fixed an issue where the help text does not disappear which ends up blocking the muscle stat from showing it increasing at any Gym
•    Fixed an issue with the incorrect time being displayed when collecting rings during the BMX or NRG-500 Challenges
•    Fixed an issue with the camera warping during the In the Beginning cutscene
•    Fixed an issue where some character models were not animating during some cutscenes
•    Fixed an issue with the player getting stuck behind the Cluckin’ Bell counter (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)
•    Fixed an issue where Police Officers can be seen floating before a police car spawns during the Reuniting the Families cutscene (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)
•    Fixed an issue with pedestrian weapon accuracy (Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One)


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International Effort Underway to Establish ‘Fuel Station’ in Space


There is a growing amount of space debris, comprising everything from dead spacecraft and spent rocket parts to the junk created by anti-satellite tests. This junk is whizzing around at incredible speeds, posing a serious threat to communications satellites and the International Space Station (ISS). The Russian ASAT test last week even sent astronauts aboard the ISS to follow emergency protocol briefly to evacuate. To reduce this possibility for the future, there is an international effort underway to find ways to recycle this debris into rocket fuel in space. An Australian, a Japanese, and two American companies are part of that effort.

Australia’s Neumann Space is working with three other firms to turn space junk into fuel for an “in-space electric propulsion system” it has already developed. It is working with Japanese startup Astroscale, which has demonstrated how it can use satellites to capture debris in space, and Nanorocks, an American company, which is aiming to use advanced robotics to store and cut debris in orbit. Another US company, Cislunar, is also part of the project. It will help develop a space foundry to melt debris and make metal rods out of it.

These metal rods can then be used as fuel for Neumann’s propulsion system, an ion thruster it is developing in Adelaide.

Neumann’s CEO Herve Astier said when he was told about the plan to melt metal in space, he thought it was a futuristic plan. “But they got a grant from NASA so we built a prototype and it works,” he told The Guardian.

As the space debris problem worsens, institutions and governments around the world are trying to find solutions. Several researchers and companies worldwide are working on it. But most of them are trying to either bring back the junk to Earth or destroy it. But this approach by a consortium of three companies is trying to make use of the space junk by turning them into “fuel stations” in space for other missions.

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Tesla App Coming Back Online After Server Outage, CEO Elon Musk Says

Visa Chief Financial Officer Vasant Prabhu Expects to Resolve Fee Row With Amazon

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Moto G Stylus (2022), Edge 30 Ultra, Austin Renders Surface Online


Motorola is gearing up to launch three new smartphones. Some possible details of smartphones codenamed Motorola Milan, Motorola Rogue, and Motorola Austin have surfaced online through official-looking renders. However, the exact timeline of the launch of these smartphones are not yet known. The Milan and Rogue monikers are alleged codenames for the Moto G Stylus (2022) and Moto Edge 30 Ultra, respectively. The marketing name of Motorola Austin is not known yet. Renders show that the Moto G Stylus, as the name suggests, would come with support for a stylus and a dedicated slot as well.

91Mobiles has shared the renders of the aforementioned Motorola smartphones. The first of the three smartphone renders shared by the publication is Moto G Stylus (2022). The smartphone, as per the report, is internally codenamed ‘Milan’ and carries model number XT2211DL. As mentioned earlier, the smartphone is said to come with support and a dedicated slot for a stylus. Moto G Stylus (2022) should also come preloaded with the Moto Note app. The renders show a Black coloured smartphone with a gradient finish.

As for the design, the renders show that Moto G Stylus (2022) would get a flat display with a hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera. The display is shown with thin bezels and a thick chin. The right spine of the smartphone is said to get a fingerprint scanner embedded in the power button, along with the volume rocker. The Motorola smartphone is shown with a rectangular camera module on the back panel which houses three sensors and a flash. The engraving on the module hints that it may get a 50-megapixel primary sensor. The renders also show a stylus but its slot is not visible.

The renders for the second smartphone shared by 91Mobiles is said to be for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. It is said to have ‘Rogue’ as its internal codename. Its renders show a triple rear camera, housed in a unique elliptical module along with a flash and a microphone. Moto Edge 30 Ultra seemingly has a metal chassis with glass panels on either side. The right side of the smartphone is said to have a volume rocker and a power button. At the front, the Motorola smartphone is shown with a flat display with a centrally placed hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera. The rest of the smartphone was not visible in the renders.

The final smartphone on the list is the Motorola smartphone internally codenamed as ‘Austin.’ The retail moniker of the smartphone is not yet revealed. It is said to be a budget or mid-range product, based on its design. Motorola Austin is shown with a triple rear camera setup along with a flash housed in a rectangular module. The engraving on the smartphone suggests it may get a 50-megapixel primary sensor. The flat-display of the smartphone is said to have a centrally placed hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera and a significantly thick chin. Motorola Austin is shown with a Blue colour option.

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Visa Chief Financial Officer Expects to Resolve Fee Row With Amazon


Visa expects to resolve its credit card fee dispute with Amazon in Britain and hopes to continue its co-branded credit card partnership with the e-commerce giant in the United States, its Chief Financial Officer told Reuters.

Amazon said on Wednesday that it would stop taking payments from Visa credit cards in Britain from mid-January next year.

“We’ve resolved these things in the past and I believe we’ll resolve them in the future,” Vasant Prabhu said in an interview on Friday, adding: “It is our expectation that there will be a resolution so that UK consumers are not impacted.”

Shares in Visa pared losses after Reuters reported Prabhu’s comments, moving from 1.4 percent lower on the day to 0.5 percent lower. The shares then gave back those gains and were last trading down 1.4 percent.

Amazon said in its Wednesday statement that credit card charges should be “going down over time with technological advancements, but instead they continue to stay high or even rise.”

Analysts have suggested its stance may be a negotiating tactic. In the past, other big retailers have settled fee disputes with Visa after announcing they were going to quit taking its credit cards in narrow segments of their businesses.

Walmart’s unit in Canada, for example, said in 2016 it would stop accepting Visa credit cards after being unable to reach an agreement on fees. Seven months later the companies said they had settled the matter.

Prabhu said reports on Wednesday suggesting the dispute was the result of an EU-enforced cap on fees no longer applying in the UK after Brexit were “entirely inaccurate.”

That rule applied to cross-border transactions between the EU and UK, whereas the dispute relates to domestic transactions, he said.

In recent months, Amazon has also introduced surcharges on customers using Visa credit cards in Singapore and Australia, citing high fees, as the relationship between the two companies appeared to deteriorate.

Some analysts had expressed concern Amazon’s move in the UK could be a precursor to the retailer dropping Visa’s credit card in other territories, something Prabhu said he hoped would not materialize.

“Restricting consumer choice doesn’t help merchants either,” said Prabhu. “If a merchant tells me I can’t use my preferred card that is not helpful to me as a consumer.”

Amazon also said it is considering dropping Visa as partner on its US co-branded credit card and is in discussions about this with both with Mastercard and Visa.

Visa said it remains in discussions about continuing its partnership with Amazon and is hopeful that it will continue.

“We hope to get to the point where our relationship with Amazon goes back to being what it was,” Prabhu said.


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CoWIN Now Showing Fully/ Partially Vaccinated Badges


CoWIN has now started displaying badges showing fully vaccinated and partially vaccinated status on users’ profiles on the portal. Furthermore, the Government of India is also taking the CoWIN platform global by making the COVID-19 tracking portal an open-source software. The platform was showcased at the CoWIN Global Conclave in July and 142 countries had reportedly shown an interest in acquiring it. The platform not only tracks vaccinations in real time, it also tracks any wastage of the vaccines.

National Health Authority CEO Dr. RS Sharma, CEO tweeted that CoWIN will start showing fully/ partially vaccinated badges — appearing as a shield — along with a user’s COVID-19 vaccination status. The vaccination badge feature is now being rolled out on a national scale, and Gadgets 360 was independently able to verify the shield for multiple users on CoWIN on Web.

The shield will appear when you log in to and sign in with your registered mobile number.

Separately, during the CoWIN Global Conclave in July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that CoWIN would be made an open-source platform and will be offered to any and every country that needs it for their inoculation drives. Now, a tweet by the Prime Minister’s Office mentions that the government has offered the CoWIN platform for free to the entire world by making it an open-source platform.

Back in July, when the announcement of CoWIN being an open-source platform was first made, India had administered close to 350,000 doses. Now, the country has administered more than 1 billion doses, and the number of jabs are being constantly updated on the CoWIN platform as well. CoWIN is an extension of the electronic vaccine intelligence network that is used to collect real-time data on the vaccination programmes. CoWIN further uses this and implements a cloud-based IT solution for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating COVID-19 vaccination in India.

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Vivo V23e 5G Specifications Tipped by Geekbench Listings, Could Come With MediaTek Dimensity 810

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China Fines Tech Giants for Failing to Report 43 Old Deals


China’s market regulator on Saturday said it was fining companies including Alibaba, Baidu and for failing to declare 43 deals that date as far back as 2012 to authorities, saying that they violated anti-monopoly legislation.

Enterprises involved in the cases would be fined CNY 500,000 (roughly Rs. 58.15 lakhs) each, it said, the maximum under China’s 2008 Anti-Monopoly Law.

Alibaba, Baidu,, and Geely did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

China has been tightening its grip on internet platforms, reversing a once laissez-faire approach and citing the risk of abusing market power to stifle competition, misuse of consumers’ data and violation of consumer rights.

The earliest deal listed was a 2012 acquisition involving Baidu and a partner, and the most recent was the 2021 agreement between Baidu and Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holdings to create a new-energy vehicle company.

Other deals cited by the State Administration of Market Supervision included Alibaba’s 2014 acquisition of Chinese digital mapping and navigation firm AutoNavi and its 2018 purchase of a 44 percent stake in to become the food delivery service’s largest shareholder.

The deals, however, did not have the effect of eliminating or restricting competition, the regulator said.

In December last year, it fined Alibaba, Tencent-backed China Literature and Shenzhen Hive Box CNY 500,000 each for not reporting past deals properly for antitrust reviews, the first time it had ever done so.

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Yara Debuts World’s First Autonomous Electric Container Ship


The world’s first fully electric and self-steering container ship, owned by fertiliser maker Yara, is preparing to navigate Norway’s southern coast and play its part in the country’s plans to clean-up its industry.

The Yara Birkeland, an 80-metre-long (87 yards) so-called feeder, is set to replace lorry haulage between Yara’s plant in Porsgrunn in southern Norway and its export port in Brevik, about 14 km (8.7 miles) away by road, starting next year.

It will cut 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, equivalent to 40,000 diesel-powered journeys by road, and is expected to be fully autonomous in two years.

For Yara it means reducing CO2 emissions at its plant in Porsgrunn, one of Norway’s single largest sources of CO2, Chief Executive Svein Tore Holsether said.

“Now we have taken this technological leap to show it is possible, and I’m thinking there are so many routes in the world where it is possible to implement the same type of ship,” he told Reuters.

Built by Vard Norway, Kongsberg provided key technology including the sensors and integration required for remote and autonomous operations.

“This isn’t about replacing the sailors, it’s replacing the truck drivers,” Yara’s Jostein Braaten, project manager for the ship, said at the ship’s bridge, which will be removed when the vessel is running at full automation.

The ship will load and offload its cargo, recharge its batteries and also navigate without human involvement.

Sensors will be able to quickly detect and understand objects like kayaks in the water so the ship can decide what action to take to avoid hitting anything, Braaten said.

The system should be an improvement over having a manual system, he added.

“We’ve taken away the human element, which today is also the cause of many of the accidents we see,” Braaten said.

The ship, which will do two journeys per week to start with, has capacity to ship 120 20-foot containers of fertiliser at a time.

It is powered by batteries provided by Swiss Leclanche packing 7 megawatt hours over eight battery rooms, the equivalent of 100 Tesla cars, Braaten said.

© Thomson Reuters 2021


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Vivo V23e 5G Specifications Tipped by Geekbench Listings


Vivo V23e 5G is scheduled to launch next week and right before its launch, it has allegedly been spotted on Geekbench. The benchmarking website hints at key specifications of the 5G-enabled smartphone from the Chinese tech giant. A dedicated microsite on Vivo’s Thailand website has also surfaced online. Vivo has teased that its upcoming 5G smartphone will get a 44-megapixel primary shooter, unlike the 4G variant which gets a 50-megapixel sensor. Furthermore, Vivo V23e 5G’s colour options, RAM, and storage configurations were leaked earlier this week.

There are multiple Geekbench listings for a Vivo V2126 phone, believed to be the upcoming Vivo V23e 5G. It received a single-core score in the range of 471 and 558 points, while its multi-core test scores ranged from 1,551 to 1,726. The listing shows that the Vivo smartphone is powered by MT6833V/PNZA V MediaTek’s internal codename for the Dimensity 810 SoC. The chipset is shown to be paired with 8GB of RAM and runs Android 11.

The launch of Vivo V23e 5G was confirmed earlier this week and now a dedicated microsite has also appeared on Vivo’s Thailand website. The microsite doesn’t divulge much information about the upcoming smartphone, apart from the fact that it will get a 44-megapixel primary camera along with an ultra-wide angle lens. The smartphone visible on the microsite has a design similar to the Vivo V23e 4G which was launched earlier this month in Vietnam.

Earlier this week, tipster Sudhanshu Ambhore shared official renders of the smartphone along with some key specifications. Ambhore mentions that Vivo V23e 5G will be offered in Moonlight Shadow and Sunshine Coast colour options. Furthermore, the Vivo smartphone is said to be offered in a sole 8GB + 128GB storage variant.

The renders show a waterdrop-style notch for the selfie camera. The flat display is shown with thick bezels and an even thicker chin. At the bottom, Vivo V23e 5G seemingly only gets a USB Type-C port and a speaker grille at the bottom. The volume rocker and the power button are shown on the right spine of the smartphone.

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‘Undersea World’ in Space: NASA Shares Spectacular Image of Cosmic Reef From 160,000 Light-Years Away

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‘Undersea World’ in Space: NASA Shares Spectacular Image of Cosmic Reef


NASA has shared a stunning image of an “undersea world” from deep space. The image is of the Cosmic Reef and it comprises two different nebulae. The first nebula, with a hue of red and blue against a black backdrop dotted with sparkling lights, is a vast star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. Together with the second nebula seen in blue, the entire structure is called the Cosmic Reef. This Cosmic Reef spans some 600 light-years and it is some 160,000 light-years away from Earth, as per NASA.

Captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA released the image in April 2020 to celebrate the telescope’s 30th anniversary. The image shows the beauty and mystery of space at the time of a star birth. “Nicknamed the Cosmic Reef because it resembles an undersea world, this is a vast star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way,” NASA said in the caption.

The centrepiece of the red region is a grouping of bright, hefty stars, each 10 to 20 times more massive than our Sun. By contrast, the blue nebula is home to a solitary star that is some 15 times more massive and 200,000 times brighter than the Sun. This mammoth star has created stunning blue gas through a series of eruptions that resulted in the partial loss of its outer envelope.

“The universe is stunning,” commented one user on the Instagram post.

After over 30 years of service, NASA’s Hubble telescope has proven itself to be an eye on the sky like no other, capturing the world’s imagination with millions of spectacular images. It has the most unobstructed view of the universe. This joint project of NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) is expected to remain in operation through this decade. But it will be joined by the more powerful James Webb Telescope in December. Webb is, again, a joint collaboration between NASA, ESA, and the Canadian Space Agency.


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Rivian, Ford Cancel Plans to Collaborate on Electric Vehicle


Electric truck maker Rivian and Detroit auto giant Ford on Friday announced they have canceled plans to jointly develop an electric vehicle, a week after Rivian made a blistering entry onto Wall Street.

Ford will maintain its stake in the start-up, after investing $500 million (roughly Rs. 3,715 crore) in 2019 when it announced plans to collaborate.

“As Ford has scaled its own EV strategy and demand for Rivian vehicles has grown, we’ve mutually decided to focus on our own projects and deliveries,” Rivian spokeswoman Miranda Jimenez said.

“Our relationship with Ford is an important part of our journey, and Ford remains an investor and ally on our shared path to an electrified future.”

In a statement to AFP, Ford also confirmed cancelation.

Demand has surged for Rivian’s R1T pickup trucks, which it began making in September.

The company is loss-making and had delivered less than 200 vehicles as of the end of last month, but its value nonetheless soared in its November 10 stock market debut, topping those of traditional automakers General Motors and Ford.

Rivian was worth $114 billion (roughly Rs. 8,47,085 crore) at the close on Friday, compared with Ford’s $77 billion (roughly Rs. 5,72,154 crore).

Much of the enthusiasm was fueled by the start-up’s partnerships with Ford and with Amazon, which plans to buy 100,000 Rivian vans by 2030.

Rivian also has been helped by the buzz around electric vehicles among Wall Street traders who have watched the ascent of Elon Musk’s firm Tesla in recent years.

Ford however has stepped up its own electric vehicle plans, announcing it would invest $30 billion (roughly Rs. 2,22,917 crore) by 2025 in the cars.


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